Holocube 3D Hologram Display

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Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes your product look like never before. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. This enables product focused as well as contextual 3D projections.

Being a supplier of high quality goods you will want to differentiate yourself through the unique specs of your product. Nowadays this becomes a challenge as consumers get overwhelmed by an endless series of stimuli on the shopping floor.

The HoloCube is a one sided holographic display, which lets you combine a physical product with 3D holographic content. The chamber can be seen from the front and is designed for cost effective with simple content dealing.

A Holocube 3D holographic display unit will offer your product the extra attention that makes it stand out from the rest. It creates a context that perfectly matches the needs of fashionable generation X & Y shoppers.



· Holocube is a holographic 3D display viewable from 1 side
· Promotions and advertising are crucial to retail marketing, however, traditional marketing avenues siphon away a large part of retail budgets
· Make your product the center of attention
· Visually stunning product display
· Combines holographic 3D content with physical products
· Bright and free floating holographic picture quality
· Superior exposure and branding
· Plug and play easy setup
· High reliability and long lifetime for 24/7 use
· Easy change of content by remote
· Flight case package for save transportation
· Available in different sizes: small, medium, large or custom
· Full HD resolution
· Built-in speakers
· LED light adjustable



· Can be produced in customized colors
· Black inlay/bottom plate
· Different choices of stands
· WIFI function
· Video content
· Touch screen


Different sizes available

· Small: 22",32"
· Medium: 42",55",65"
· Large: 70",84"
· Larger dimensions are also available on request
· Custom size on request


Primary applications

· Advertising
· Events
· Retail
· Hotels
· Expo's
· Reception areas
· Product launches
· Medical and educational demonstrations
· Museums
· Activations
· Shopping malls



SH18032 SH18032
Material Sheet Metal Sheet Metal
Hologram glass Tempered Optic Glass Tempered Optic Glass
Showcase size (WxDxH/cm) 57x38x39 77x65x 59.5
Resulution 1920x1080 Full HD 1920x1080 Full HD
Brightness 350cd/m2 500cd/m2
Voltage AC110 - 240V AC110 - 240V
Intertal Storage 8 GB U-Disk 16 GB U-Disk
Working temperature 0°C to 50°C 0°C to 50°C
Audio Built-in Speaker 10Wx2 Built-in Speaker 10Wx2
Led Light Adjustable Led Light Touch Adjustable Led Light
Net weight 32kg 70kg
Gross weight 38kg 85kg
Package Flight Case Flight Case
Packing size/mm 641x576x500 830x710x790
Remark Stand feet is optional Stand feet is optional
Certificate CE, ROHS CE, ROHS