VART 9D VR Bike VR Cycling Simulator

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What is VR Cycling Simulator?

Fitness VR Cycling Simulator is a advance athletic VR equipment. It's a machine combine with VR entertainment and sports together. Using both advanced sensor system, and turning into reality through stereoscopic display and other multi-mode interactions technology. VR Cycling Simulator can give you super dynamic racing experience.


Advantages of VR Cycling Simulator

1. Wind special effect. The air will blow to your face and body when riding fast.

2. Easy operating system: support use button to stop the game, with slot card and coin payment function.

3. Bike stability module: to ensure that the experience of security when traveling in the virtual world.

4. Motion server system: Real simulation uphill & downhill on the bumpy road.

5. Silent belt drive, enjoy gaming without noise disturbance.

6. Small space, size at L180*W69*H178cm, only 3 square meter requirement in space.