Tampilan LED Portabel Transparan – Seri Muxwave A


Transparent and excellent image quality

It's a game-changer in the industry, without structural skeleton in the middle of the screen, which provides high visual transparency at 80% when glued onto a glass wall. Equally spaced pixel layout for high-definition image quality; static scanning with combined diver board for table images; 16-bit gray scale with exquisite colors.


High brightness & high contrast

9,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 5,000cd/m2 Brightness, dazzling and eye catching.



Professional aesthetic design, thin and beautiful. Display body products. The weight is only 6KG/square meter.


As thin as 1.8mm

The thickness of the screen is less than 2mm, and it is seamlessly attached on a curved surface to show an integral whole on the transparent glass.



Model A3-2 A3-4
Pixel Pitch (mm) (horizontal / vertical) P3.91 / P3.91 P3.91 / P3.91
Pixel Density (dot / m²) 65536 65536
Transparency Rate 80% 80%
Display Dimension (mm) (w*h) 1000x2000 2000x2000
Profile Dimension (mm) (w*h) 1020x2230x75 2020x2230x75
Resolution (dot) (w*h) 256x512 512x512
Brightness(cd/㎡) ≥4000 ≥4000
Weight(Kg/㎡) 38 58
Encapsulation Type Light Board & Driving Board Integrated Light Board & Driving Board Integrated
Scanning Mode Static Driving (Single Pixel Single Control) Static Driving (Single Pixel Single Control)
Lifespan ≥100,000.00 hours ≥100,000.00 hours
Pixel Configuration 16bit 16bit
Maximum Power Consumption (w/m²) 2400 4800
Average Power Consumption (w/m²) 1000 2000
Control System Colorlight / Novastar Colorlight / Novastar
Input Voltage AC100~240V 50/60 Hz AC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Working Voltage for Module DC 4.2V ± 0.2V DC 4.2V ± 0.2V
Working Temperature & Humidity Temperature 0℃~50℃,Humidity: 20% -85%(Without Condensation) Temperature 0℃~50℃,Humidity: 20% -85%(Without Condensation)
Storage Temperature & Humidity Temperature -20℃~60℃,Humidity: 10% -85%(Without Condensation) Temperature -20℃~60℃,Humidity: 10% -85%(Without Condensation)
Protetion Degree IP20 IP20
Bahan Bingkai Aviation Aluminum Alloy Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Installation Environment Indoor Indoor
Installation Way Pearl Cotton+Wooden case/Airbox Pearl Cotton+Wooden case/Airbox
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