"What is 'solution integrator'? What exactly do you do?"

We integrate different sub-systems into a solution. So you don’t have to.
A project or a business consists of multiple sub-systems that work independently, and needed to be integrated into a single workflow to run.
So, we help determining product/equipment/sub-system to solve the problem(s) your business are facing. We help curating the suppliers and their offers. We help procuring everything to your door. We install or find the expert to install and integrate until everything is ready for operation. In short, we help you solve the heavy lifting.

What is a 'Solution'?

Solution is a complete system consists of multiple sub-systems that are working together in complex manner providing more comprehensive experience.

"What is a 'Sub-system'?"

Sub-system is a smaller system that works independently, that may or may not provide comprehensive solution to a problem.

Will you be held responsible for the delivery of ordered items?

When you are procuring things through us, in means you are ordering from us. And it is our responsibility and our interest to make sure things arrived and functional as expected.

"What is your warranty policy?"

Warranty period of every product, equipment, or sub-system is vary, based on the warranty terms granted by each manufacturer or service provider. We will send the details on request. 

"I need a product from one of your partner. Do you sell it individually?"

No. We are not retailing individual product. If you need an item provided by one of our supplier partner, you can ask our retail partner if they carry stock for the item you want.

"What's your procurement term?"

50% downpayment after submitting purchase order, and the remaining due settled when the order arrived and ready to be delivered and installed.