RETOMOTION Integrator is a division of RETOMOTION Group. We would like to think ourselves as a solution integrator for innovative entrepreneurial ideas in different exciting industries.

What we do

At RETOMOTION Integrator, we aim to enable aspiring business owners to realize what they have envisioned for their businesses. We are glad to provide insights and in-depth discussions to create a new and improved system, and turn it into one-of-the-kind solution that is unique to each business, by combining various integrated systems using cutting edge technologies and latest equipment available on the market.

We also provide solutions for companies that want to implement/integrate a new system or solution to increase productivity and performance in their workplace and keep up with technology advancement following changes in ever changing working environment.

So, whether you are a business owner or project manager who responsible to see a small to medium sized project to completion, fell free to discuss anything with us.

Why we do what we do

To build a thriving and ever-lasting business, you need a unique approach to do things, which later translates into unique product, unique service, or unique experience as your Unique Selling Proposition.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs, while having great visions for what kind of businesses they want to build, there are a boatload of other things to do, and they may not have enough technical proficiency on things they want to offer, or do not know where to get equipment, what systems best used for the operation of their specific business, or simply not aware what system/equipment/machinery available on the market. We understand this because we also experience the same problems when we were starting out. And the struggle is real.

So, this is where we hope we can help. We aim to solve some or most of the confusions, and offer insightful solutions to workflow, procurement, creative, and technical issues, including potential analysis for the financial projection side of the business/project.

Over time, we also aim to develop proven business models to minimize huge risk involved in trial and error of a new business idea. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and thinking of starting a new business in a very niched market, feel free to discuss your thoughts with us, and we will see what we can do to realize part of your plan, so you can focus on thinking and preparing for other more important areas of your business.

Our mission

To become a go-to support system that enables anyone with innovative ideas to utilize the latest technologies, and actualize their ideas into reality without too much hassle. Because it is much more important to focus on other aspects of the business, than getting distracted, stuck, and frustrated by technical challenges.

Our vision

For anyone to never have any excuse anymore not to go down the path as a business owner or an entrepreneur, and can lead a better future by improving the society where they live in accelerated manner.