Most common problems when assessing a project:

  • Consultant understands client’s needs, but does not understand what product/solution actually available on the market.
  • Supplier/Vendor understands what available on the market, but does not understand what the client need.
  • Purchasing understands the budget and price, but does not understand the quality of product/solution.

That’s why we are here. We offer:

Free consulting

So, you have an idea of what kind of business you want to start. But you have no idea where to start and how to actualize it.

Why not take a look of what we have to offer, and discuss your idea with us?

We don’t bite. And discussing an idea should never cost anything.


You already have the business idea and know what you want to do. But you don’t know where to get the actual equipment or supplies for your idea.

So, just discuss with us, and we will see if we can help find, choose, negotiate, order, and bring them in to install and integrate into your existing project and business, or not.

If we can, we’ll let you know.
If we can’t, we’ll let you know.

Sub-system installation

You already run a business and have an idea to improve and expand your operation, but are currently stuck and have no idea how to integrate the new system into your operation?

Just discuss your goal with us, and see if we can help realize everything, so you can continue focusing on how to utilize it optimally instead of incorporating it.

Content design

For highly specialized content (for example ads, 3D models, architectural design, games, licensed movies), sometimes it is extremely hard to find someone who can do it in timely and affordable manner, and later integrate the content seamlessly into the system.

So instead of focusing your effort in designing the content yourself or finding someone else to do it, why not just let us do the job, so you can focus on the numbers.

One-stop solution provider

Although each business or business model consists of multiple complex aspects that are highly customizable, you can rely on us to install and integrate as many aspects of your business as possible, which may help streamline your workflows down the road.

This way, you can free up your mind to focus on things that are really matter in the long run, without having to figure everything out from scratch.

Maintenance services

We understand that some systems require regular maintenance to make sure everything run smoothly from time to time. So, while we are more than happy to help set up systems and solutions for your business or project, you can also request to schedule regular check-up and maintenance service for certain supported systems.


We offer curated solutions

Audio visual integration is all about interoperability and scalability between different systems. Yet, in most cases, it is usually one of the most overlooked factors when people choose a system, a brand, or a product. That is why we carefully choose, handpick, and evaluate our partner network, to make sure we offer high quality integrated products, services, and solutions to our clients. Because their reputation is our reputation.

We care to understand our client's needs and problems

We always try to fully understand our clients’ needs as deeply as possible before offering a solution. We can never offer the right product/solution if we never understood the problem after all.
And we’ve seen so many situations where suppliers never care to solve problems, while the purchasing department also never understands the value of what they’re buying, but instead just cares about the cost.

We understand the products and solutions
We understand the product range of each company that works with us, what each of them does, how they interoperate, and what the potentials and possibilities are, to make sure we offer the best solution for each need. Because we fully understand that not all products and services are designed for everyone. 
We understand the numbers

We understand the business and financial side of things and how it affects every decision and choice down the line. So feel free to discuss with us your financial targets. Because in the end, an investment only worth it if the value can be justified. On the other hand, no matter how good a solution offered, if the cost outweighs the potential return, or simply not within the budget, it simply is not a good investment, and ultimately, we are all just wasting our time and effort. 

We handle the procurement for you

Just imagine how much time, effort, and money you will be wasting, dealing with separate consultants for separate solutions, finding suppliers for each solution, comparing prices, negotiating and placing orders to different manufacturers, arranging shipping and custom, and finally finding a different installer to have everything up and running.
Because you now have an option to just leave most of the part to us. Whether you are a business or initiating a project for your company, all you need is an idea, allocated budget, and we will try our best to deliver it to your door free of mind. Because we know who we work with, we know their products and logistics, and we have enough experience in bringing whatever your business needs.

We hate wasting time

Time is not just money. It is everything. So why waste time learning and doing yourself every task that only needs to be done once, while it is a better use of time to learn how to optimally utilize what you’re investing in.

So, if you also appreciate your time and effort, then we are also glad to have a chance to help you realize whatever you’re aiming for.