JCVision All-In-One Multimedia System A200

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1) Wall mounted metal structure with one key lock, reduce space and complex cables, easy for management

2) Highly integrated and multi-functial. Built-in PC, Central controller, Digital Visualizer, hi-fi speaker, Laptop Type keyboardand Touch pad

3) Easy installation and Maintenance

4) Combination with Magnetic interactive whiteboard, optical interactive whiteboard, infrared interactive whiteboard, LED TV interactive whiteboard.

5)Customerized PC configeration, wireless Microphone and Touch central controler pannel for option

6) With and without PC Multimedia all in one for option

  • Item Built-in parts Specification
    Multimedia All in One PC PC configurations Standard: I3 CPU, Harddisk 500G, Memory : 2G /4G for option

    Remarks: Can be customized as different configurations

    Hifi-Speaker 2*20W hifi speaker
    Cental Controller Computer power switcher, projector on/off, volumn up/down.
    Visualizer 3Mega/5Mega option

    Resolution: 1600*1200

    Keyboard+Mouse pad Patent design, wireless
    Usage Special design for interactive whiteboard, for schools and office, training etc.
    Install Wall Mount