Transparent LED Curtain – Muxwave M Series

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Transparent and excellent image quality

It's a game-changer in the industry, without structural skeleton in the middle of the screen, which provides high visual transparency at 80% when glued onto a glass wall. Equally spaced pixel layout for high-definition image quality; static scanning with combined diver board for table images; 16-bit gray scale with exquisite colors.


High brightness & high contrast

9,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 5,000cd/m2 Brightness, dazzling and eye catching.



Professional aesthetic design, thin and beautiful. Display body products. The weight is only 6KG/square meter.


As thin as 1.8mm

The thickness of the screen is less than 2mm, and it is seamlessly attached on a curved surface to show an integral whole on the transparent glass.


Flexible and cuttable

Standard modules can be bent, cut, and used flexibly. The best partner for curved glass and special-shaped screen.


Minimal installation and maintenance

The product is modular and can be directly attached to the front and back side of transparent glass without damaging the original structure of the building or affecting indoor lighting.



Model M3 M6
Pixel Pitch (mm) (horizontal / vertical) P3.91 / P3.91 P6.25 / P6.25
Pixel Density (dot / m²) 65536 25600
Transparency Rate 80% 90%
Display Dimension (mm) (w*h) 250x1000 / 250x1171 250x1175 / 250x1475
Profile Dimension (mm) (w*h) 250x1025 / 250x1200 250x1200 / 250x1500
Resolution (dot) (w*h) 64x256 / 64x300 40x188 / 40x236
Brightness(cd/㎡) ≥4000 ≥5000
Weight(Kg/㎡) 6 5
Encapsulation Type Light Board & Driving Board Integrated Light Board & Driving Board Integrated
Scanning Mode Static Driving (Single Pixel Single Control) Static Driving (Single Pixel Single Control)
Lifespan ≥100,000.00 hours ≥100,000.00 hours
Pixel Configuration 16bit 16bit
Maximum Power Consumption (w/m²) 1200 1200
Average Power Consumption (w/m²) 500 500
Control System Colorlight / Novastar Colorlight / Novastar
Input Voltage AC100~240V 50/60 Hz AC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Working Voltage for Module DC 4.2V ± 0.2V DC 4.2V ± 0.2V
Working Temperature & Humidity Temperature 0℃~50℃,Humidity: 20% -85%(Without Condensation) Temperature 0℃~50℃,Humidity: 20% -85%(Without Condensation)
Storage Temperature & Humidity Temperature -20℃~60℃,Humidity: 10% -85%(Without Condensation) Temperature -20℃~60℃,Humidity: 10% -85%(Without Condensation)
Protetion Degree IP20 IP20
Frame Material Aviation Aluminum Alloy Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Installation Environment Indoor Indoor
Installation Way Pearl Cotton+Wooden case/Airbox Pearl Cotton+Wooden case/Airbox