Self-service checkout (kiosk)




A self-service checkout (SCO), also known as a self-checkout kiosk, is a system at retail stores that allows customers to scan, bag, and pay for their own purchases without needing a cashier.  It essentially automates the checkout process, offering a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional cashier-run checkouts.

Here’s a breakdown of how self-service checkouts work:

  • Scanning Items:  Customers use a barcode scanner built into the kiosk to scan the barcodes of each item they wish to purchase.  The system then displays the item information and price on the kiosk screen.
  • Bagging Groceries:  As you scan your items, you’re free to bag them at your own pace in the designated bagging area.  This can be helpful for organizing your purchases or separating items that require different handling (like cold cuts from produce).
  • Payment Options:  Once all your items are scanned, the kiosk will prompt you for payment.  Self-service checkouts typically accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, contactless payments, or even store loyalty cards with linked payment methods.
  • Receipt Printing:  After successful payment, the kiosk will print a receipt for your purchases.  Some kiosks might also offer the option to receive a digital receipt via email or store app.

Benefits of Self-Service Checkouts

  • Faster Checkouts:  For customers with a small number of items, self-service checkouts can be significantly faster than waiting in line for a cashier.  This is especially helpful during peak hours or for quick shopping trips.
  • Convenience and Control:  Self-checkouts offer customers more control over their checkout experience. You can scan and bag your items at your own pace, without needing to wait for a cashier’s availability.
  • Reduced Labor Costs:  For retailers, self-service checkouts can help reduce labor costs associated with cashiering.  However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for staff entirely.  Employees are often present in the self-checkout area to assist customers with any issues or unexpected situations.

Overall, self-service checkouts are a growing trend in retail, offering a faster and more convenient checkout experience for customers with a few items. While they may not replace traditional cashier-run checkouts entirely, they provide a valuable alternative for a segment of shoppers.