Elite Screens is a well-established manufacturer specializing in high-quality projection screens for various applications. The company has been recognized for its commitment to quality, with ISO9001 certification since 2004. They offer a 2-year warranty on their products, backed by Lifetime Tech Support, and the ENR-G® program, which extends the warranty to 3 years for certain products. Notably, they have received ISF certification, indicating their screens meet accurate color points, temperature, and dynamic range standards.

The company operates globally, with offices in different countries, and has a subsidiary named Elite Screens Europe GmbH. They are known for their innovative range of projection screens catering to diverse needs and preferences. Some of their notable product offerings include:

  1. Edge-Free Aeon Frame Screen: An innovative design that eliminates the need for a traditional frame, providing a sleek and borderless appearance for a more immersive viewing experience.
  2. CineGrey 3D Cloth: A specialized projection material designed to counter the effects of ambient light, making it ideal for rooms with less light control.
  3. AcousticPro UHD Acoustic Cloth: This projection material is acoustically transparent, allowing sound to pass through the screen, making it suitable for setups that require speakers to be placed behind the screen.
  4. Spectrum & Saker Tab Tension Canvases: Motorized projection screens with tensioning systems to ensure a flat surface and prevent wrinkles.
  5. CineGrey 5D and Yard Master 2 Series: These are newer product lines that offer advanced features to enhance the viewing experience further.

Elite Screens’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their goal to enhance people’s leisure experiences and provide suitable solutions for both individuals and organizations. They maintain a focus on accessibility, ensuring that even large projection screens are available at reasonable prices, making home theaters and AV setups more accessible to a broader audience.

The company emphasizes proper sizing, space conservation, and choosing the right material for various scenarios. They offer fixed-frame and manual projection screens, as well as electric screens with customization options to cater to different installation requirements. For educational purposes, they have the VersaWhite series, which combines whiteboard and projection screen capabilities.


Manufactured in: HongKong