JCVision Group

JC Vision is a group of companies with a global presence and a diverse range of services and products. Founded in 2010, JCVISION Technology Inc, a subsidiary of JC Vision Group, is at the forefront of their operations. The group serves 85 countries worldwide, reflecting its international reach.

JCVISION Technology Inc specializes in electronics and manufacturing. While headquartered in China, it has a significant global footprint. Their strong commitment to quality, backed by a robust R&D team, has enabled them to offer attractive pricing without compromising reliability.

Additionally, JC Vision’s subsidiaries, such as US-JCVISION Technology, have carved out niches in their respective markets, contributing to the group’s overall success. The company’s diverse portfolio includes services in areas like real estate, photography studios, and consumer services.

Two main division of JC Vision are JC Vision Edu and Display. JC Vision Edu specializes in smart educational solutions, while JC Vision Display focuses on commercial displays and visual communication, offering a diverse range of products catering to different needs and industries.

JC Vision Edu offers a range of smart educational products that have made a global impact. Their product line includes:

  • JCTOUCH Interactive Flat Panel Display: These interactive displays are designed for education and conferences, offering touch functionality. They are available in various sizes.
  • JCBOARD Interactive Whiteboard: A tool that facilitates interactive learning and presentations. It allows users to write and draw on the board.
  • JCKAPP Interactive Kapp: This product enhances interactivity and engagement in educational settings.
  • JCPrinter 3D Printer: Offering 3D printing capabilities, this product is valuable for educational and creative purposes.
  • Other peripherals: JC Vision Edu also provides additional peripherals to complement their primary products.

These educational solutions have reached approximately 85 countries worldwide, reflecting their global presence and impact.

JC Vision Display specializes in high-quality digital displays for various applications. Their product range includes:

  • LED Displays: These are used for various commercial purposes and offer high-quality visual experiences.
  • Transparent LED or LCD Displays: Innovative displays that find applications in unique settings.
  • Bar LCDs: These are suitable for advertising and information display.
  • Digital Signages: Used for advertising and information dissemination.
  • Kiosks: Self-service kiosks for various purposes.
  • Video Walls: Display setups for impactful visual presentations.
  • Interactive Touch Tables: Engaging interactive tables for various applications.

JC Vision Display is known for manufacturing and providing comprehensive solutions in the field of commercial displays and visual communication.