Muxwave is a company based in Shenzhen that specializes in innovative LED display solutions, particularly in the field of transparent LED displays and holographic LED screens. They have made significant strides in the visual technology industry, showcasing their cutting-edge products in various events and exhibitions.

One of their notable products is the Muxwave Holographic Invisible Screen, which was showcased at the 2023 Shenzhen Story and Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. This screen demonstrated China’s scientific and technological prowess. Additionally, Muxwave featured its invisible indoor LED commercial displays at InfoComm USA 2023, indicating their commitment to the future of visual technology.

A key highlight of Muxwave’s product range is their transparent LED displays. They presented a novel transparent LED video wall at the LDI live events tech show in Las Vegas. The display utilizes wafer-thin fiberglass strips with circles between LEDs, resulting in a super-thin and lightweight design, making it ideal for applications such as mall windows. The product features a symmetrical P3.91 mm pixel pitch, static scan, and keel-less module design, providing varying transparency levels. Muxwave’s transparent LED displays find applications in luxury stores, shopping malls, exhibition centers, and automotive showrooms, offering immersive experiences for viewers.

The company’s focus on transparent LED displays has set them apart in the market, particularly in the domain of virtual production and XR stages. Major players in the film and education sectors are embracing LED video walls for virtual production facilities. Muxwave’s unique “holographic” LED screens with their transparent design are suitable for various installations and have found applications in retail, corporate signage, and public spaces, providing immersive and visually appealing experiences.


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Manufactured in: China