Ningde Brilliant Massager

Ningde Brilliant Massager Co., Ltd is a well established company in massage chair product manufacturing since 2010. They have a factory covering a total area of 21500 square meters, consisting of 16 latest automatic assembly lines. They specialize in:

  • OEM Services: Ningde Brilliant Massager offers Original Equipment Manufacturer services, which means they can design, produce, and provide after-sales service for massage chairs under your brand name.
  • Design, Production, and After-Sales Service: Ningde Brilliant Massager handles the entire process of massage chair creation, from design and production to after-sales service. This ensures quality control and potentially faster turnaround times.

Their products include:

  • Home massage chair
  • Vending massage chair
    • 2D, 3D, or 4D massage chair
    • Fixed point massage chair


Manufactured in: China