Pixelhue is a Pro AV solutions company that has rapidly gained recognition and a global presence. Founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of NovaStar, Pixelhue has grown from its roots in the Chinese market to become a leader in the Pro AV sector worldwide. The company’s mission revolves around prioritizing user experience, quality, and innovation. They have built a reputation for delivering reliable, user-friendly products characterized by high-definition visuals and excellent technical support.

Pixelhue’s product range covers a wide spectrum of AV solutions tailored to various applications. Their offerings include:

  1. Presentation Switchers: Pixelhue’s presentation switchers are designed to handle high-quality video switching for professional presentations and events. Notably, they introduced the “Ideal 4K Presentation Switcher P Series 2023,” capable of handling 4K content at 60Hz.
  2. Video Processors: Pixelhue’s video processors enhance video quality and provide advanced control for AV systems. They offer solutions for optimizing video signals and ensuring the best possible visual experience.
  3. Event Controllers: Event controllers from Pixelhue enable seamless management of audiovisual components during events and presentations. These controllers help streamline operations, making them ideal for event organizers and AV professionals.

Relationship with Novastar

Pixelhue’s connection with Novastar is notable. NovaStar, an established player in LED display control solutions, gave birth to Pixelhue in 2018. This relationship has been instrumental in Pixelhue’s growth and global expansion. While the specific details of their collaboration are not provided in the search results, it’s clear that they have worked together closely, with Pixelhue benefiting from NovaStar’s expertise in LED display control and AV technology.


Manufactured in: China