Astiland AS-800F

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Newest 1800W High Power 808nm Fiber laser Hair Removal Machine


AS-800F fiber laser hair removal system adopt most advance 808nm wavelength fiber laser technology with light weighted ice treatment handle, deliver short pulses to destroy hair follicle with 0.1s fast lightning speed. The fiber laser generator inside machine not in the handpiece is an absolutely advantage compete diode laser, the handpiece is smaller, lighter, durable with nothing consumable. 1800W high power and dual cooling system enable more effective, safe and comfortable treatment experience.


Fiber laser VS Diode laser



1. 1800W high power with o.1s lightning fast treatment.

2. Multi-language interface with preset parameter, easy to use.

3. > 50 million handpiece shots’ lifespan.

4. Laser parts installed in machine not handpiece:

  • Suitable to all skin types and reach a very safe comfortable treatment.
  • Reduce handpiece weight to 0.65kg, comfortable hold for long time.
  • Better cooling than ever, reduced refrigeration system configuration requirements, minimize machine size, save shipping cost and save space.

5. Unique integrated design laser parts:

  • More focused energy output, ensure >90% laser energy conductivity
  • -20℃ low temperature sealing technology, avoid laser burning risk.
  • Conical sapphire crystal laser output, uniform and vertical light emission, maximum treatment result.

6. TEC cooling system for whole machine,machine can service longer time everyday.

7. Handpiece with counter and sound signal while treatment.



Laser type Fiber Coupled Laser
Wavelength 808nm
Laser power 1800W
Pulse width 5-600ms
Energy density 1-120J/cm2
Frequency 1-10Hz
Skin type I-VI
Screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Spot size 12mm*12mm
Cooling type TEC+Sapphire contact cooling
Cooling temperature ≤5℃
Machine size 133*58*60CM
Net weight 63kg