Astiland AS-800S

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Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine Desktop For Beauty Salon High Quality Ice Hair Removal

What is Fiber Laser Hair Removal Technology?

1. The light generated by multiple diode laser are coupled into a single-core multimode fiber by micro lens array, in order to deliver light to the target place.
2. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan, and easy maintenance of the diode laser.
3. The Fiber Coupled Laser locates inside the mainframe instead of the handpiece.
Therefore, laser energy is transferred by fiber to the target, which significantly increases the energy efficiency& handpiece life span.
4. Lighter handpieces make it more convenient for doctors, while powerful cooling maximizes patients' comfort.


Benefits of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Durable handpiece and long lifespan
    On fiber coupled diode laser machines, the laser lamps are not located inside the handpiece but in the main body of the machine, so the heat is concentrated inside the core and not in the hand, cooling systems work less to disperse that heat so the lasers are more durable (50 Million Pulses, actually 5 times more than the best standard diodes).
  • Light handpiece
    Since the lamps are not inside this part anymore, the operator gets to manage a light, low-temperature piece which a contact cooling tip that rarely heats up, giving the user hours and hours of comfortable treatments and the patients awesomely painless and comfy sessions. On top of that, this technology makes the beam of light more focused (collimated light) which assures the most effective treatment in the shorter time possible by eliminating the waste of energy on areas that are not in need of treatment.

AS-800S+ fiber laser hair removal system adopts the most advanced triple wavelength 755/808/1064nm fiber laser technology with a lightly weighted ice treatment handle, delivering short pulses to destroy hair follicles with 0.1s fast lightning speed. The fiber laser generator inside the machine not in the handpiece is an absolute advantage compete with the diode laser, the handpiece is smaller, lighter, and durable with nothing consumable. 1800W high power and dual cooling system enable a more effective, safe, and comfortable treatment experience.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

  • Triple wavelength 755/808/1064nm.
    The benefit of 3 wavelengths is utilized for optimum coverage and penetration to reach the ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size achieves faster treatment and saves operators' time.
  • 1800W high power lightning fast treatment. if you need other power option, please contact us!
  • > 50 million handpiece shots’ lifespan.
  • Laser parts installed in the machine not handpiece:
    * No handpiece burning risk, makes a high return on investment.
    * Reduce handpiece weight to 0.65kg, comfortable hold for a long time.
    * Better cooling than ever, reduced refrigeration system configuration requirements, minimize machine size, and save shipping cost, and save space.
  • Unique integrated design laser parts:
    * More focused energy output, ensure >90% laser energy conductivity
    * -20℃ low-temperature sealing technology, avoid laser burning risk.
    * Conical sapphire crystal laser output, uniform, and vertical light emission, maximum treatment result.
  • TEC and sapphire contact cooling for durable working and comfortable treatment experience.
  • Handpiece with counter and sound signal while treatment.
  • Fiber coupled diode laser hair removal machine: portable design, saves shipping cost.
  • Multi-language interface with preset parameters, easy to use.


Laser type Fiber Coupled Laser
Wavelength 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
Laser power 1200W
Pulse width 5-600ms
Energy density 1-120J/cm2
Frequency 1-10Hz
Skin type I-VI
Screen 15-inch touch screen
Spot size 12mm*12mm
Cooling type TEC+Sapphire contact cooling
Cooling temperature ≤5℃
Machine size 18*40*36CM
Net weight 10kg
Cooling fan 2pcs fans
Case material ABS
Inner structure White zinc hob/color zinc hob
Environmental moisture < 80%
Environment temperature 8-28℃
Voltage AC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Machine size 18*40*36cm³
Net weight 29kg
Package size 49*43*58cm³
Total weight 31kg