Astiland L-20PLUS

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Portable LED Light Therapy 5 Colors PDT Acne Removal Machine Beauty Salon Equipment


Medical photodynamic therapy (PDT) equipment utilizes the characteristics of LEDs. Different LED tubes form a diode array, emit light of different wavelengths, and act on different symptoms of the skin surface with a specific power to produce photobiochemical effects to achieve the purpose of treatment.

The outstanding feature of the PDT treatment instrument is the use of high-power and high-brightness LED arrays to form a large-area semicircle to achieve the special effect of high-power and large-area uniform exposure.

The most widely studied topical sensitizers used in PDT are 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and methyl aminolevulinate (MAL). A series of pre-treatment procedures help to improve the skin's absorption of photosensitizers and significantly improve the efficacy.

PDT for cosmetic treatment has established its value as a single or combination therapy in modern procedural dermatology. Conditions include prevention and treatment of precancerous actinic keratosis.



1. Remove freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, and reduce sun damage to the skin;

2. Treat spots, acne and folliculitis;

3. Reduce rosacea and telangiectasia;

4. Smoothes fine lines and tightens loose or aging skin;

5. Shrink large pores and treat rough skin;

6. Treatment of dull or dull skin caused by insufficient metabolism or circulation;

7. Relieve fatigue, reduce stress and improve sleep;

8. Treatment of hair loss caused by dandruff or folliculitis;

9. Recovery after minor pathological replacement of facial nerve;

10. Recovery of injured skin


·Red LED light 660nm-enhance skin elasticity and improve skin tone.

·Blue LED light 415nm-acne treatment. Treats acne, oily pores.

·Yellow LED light 590nm-enhance cell vitality, remove spots, restore skin's youthful luster

·Infrared LED light 850nm-accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, promote collagen formation.

·Green LED light 530nm-improve oily skin and acne skin.




1. Large energy density: 1800 φ5mm LED tube, 120W power

2. The table top is foldable, and the incident angle of the treatment head is adjustable.

3. Larger irradiation area, arc design of lamp holder suitable for face shape.

4. Automatic timing system.

5. A device has two different lights (red and blue), the two lights can be easily switched or combined.

6. Continuous, low frequency pulse, high frequency pulse output optional

7. The operation is simple and no professional training is required.

8. No noise, stable output, low energy loss, continuous working time 6-8 hours.

9. The light sources are arranged in a matrix.

10. Suitable for any skin type, comfortable and effective



Light source LED gene biology light
Output wave Red 640nm±5nm; Blue 470nm±5nm

Yellow, green, infrared light option

Lightness: ≥8000mcd(red light);≥4000mcd (blue light)
Light spot size 440*280mm
Output power 120W
Power density ≤300J/cm2
Screen type Color touch screen
Lamps number 1800
Customer IC card optional
Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Machine size 52*25*55(cm)
Net weight 14kg
Gross weight 20kg