Astiland AS-HF-DUO

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HIFU Facial And Vaginal 2 In 1 Machine For Face Lift Vaginal Tighten And Skin Rejuvenation

AS-HF-DUO combines Vagiana hifu, hifu smas skin tightening, fat removal, and hifu vmax function in one system. HIFU is the latest achievements of ultrasound anti-aging treatment, using the characteristics of high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, precisely focusing on a 3mm depth of shallow SMAS and 4.5mm SMAS, the highly focused energy cause the SMAS produces collagen which has the ability to partially reverse the aging process. AS-HF stimulates the repair process that strengthens existing collagen within the dermis layer.

HIFU Facial and Vaginal 2 in 1 Machine Principle

    The system emits focused ultrasound energy below the skin’s surface to lift the layers, essentially tightening and smoothing out wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s ideal for treating and tightening loose sagging skin in the face, neck, under the chin, along the jawline, and brow. It is designed for patients who are ambivalent about a surgical facelift, and improves appearance with a non-invasive, no downtime approach.
    The system uses the latest achievements of the most advanced ultrasound study, the energy precise focus on the required depth, and is 360-degree circular emission in the form of thermal energy into the vaginal mucous, and muscle, stimulating the lamina appropriate and muscle fibers in cell regeneration. And while the focus point as the center began to radiate the rebirth of collagen, elastic double strengthen care site. Noninvasive way to treat, and improve vaginal wall, a comprehensive solution to the problem of vaginal relaxation. While activating collagen layer restructuring and regeneration, effectively change vaginal elasticity problems. And no wound, no recovery, and no need for multiple treatments to enhance the privacy of the compact program.
    The system generates focused energy and goes deeper into the cellulite to break cellulite. It is a non-invasive, effective, and long-last effective treatment to reduce fat, especially for the abdomen and thigh. It targets the fat of 13mm (depth of penetration), heating up the fat tissue, combine with high energy and good penetration to resolve the fat, during the treatment, the triglyceride, and fatty acids excreted by the process of metabolism, and the vessel and nerve will not be damaged.



1. The equipment has two different working heads for different operational effect: 3.0mm and 4.5mm.

2. 360°rotation emission: total care for vaginal.

3. Precise depth adjustment system.

4. Non-invasive, no downtime, no recovery time, rest in 3 days after treatment.

5. Obvious tightening and shaping effect. Results were maintained at least 18 to 24 months after one treatment and realize negative growth of skin age once a year.

6. normal life and work will not be influenced if you make up the moment.

7. Quick treatment: 20 minutes treatment can get instantly firmer


1. Temperature: treatment reach 65℃-70℃, it’s the most suitable temperature to promote collagen degeneration.

2. Depth: Recovery of aging skin from inner to outer, the energy focused on deep skin, not skin surface.

3. Tissue reaction: By positioning the indicator line, treat the target and precisely, more safely.

4. Result: Full face treatment 40~60min, last result 3-5 years.


APPLICATION of HIFU Facial and Vaginal 2 in 1 Machine

1. Face lifting and tightening

2. Eyebrow Lifting

3. Wrinkles Removing

4. Jaw line Lifting

5. Double chin Removing

6. Body Sculpture

7. Potent firming effect to improve sexual life

8. Private lubrication of increasing secretion and eliminating dryness

9. Improving private sensitivity by cell regeneration for reaction enhancement

10. Comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection


Key Features of HIFU Facial and Vaginal 2 in 1 Machine

  • 5 cartridges for facelift and body tighten
  • 2 cartridges for vaginal tightening
    * 360°rotation emission: total care for vaginal.
    * Precise depth adjustment system.
    * Non-invasive, no downtime, no recovery time, resting 3 days after treatment.
    * Obvious tightening and shaping effect. Results were maintained for at least 18 to 24 months after one treatment and realized negative
    growth of skin age once a year.
    * Quick treatment:20 minutes of treatment can get instantly firmer
  • Auto recognition cartridge
  • 15-inch true color touch screen: accurate control setting, display clearly
  • High-quality transducer, ensure each shot is stable, accurate, and equally
  • Instant treatment result and last 1-3 years
  • Factory direct sale


Skin HIFU Vaginal HIFU
Energy 0.1-2.0J 0.2-1.5J

DS4-1.5, DS4-3.0, DS4-4.5@10000 shots

DS4-8.0, DS4-13.0@10000 shots

DS7-3.0, DS4-4.5@10000 shots
Spot Interval 0.5-5.0mm 1-5mm
Angel/max angel 5°/360°
Shoot length 5-25mm
Screen 15 inch true color touch screen
Input Power AC 100~240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Power 200W
Machine Size 52cm*28cm*38cm
Weight 12kg