KAT Nexus

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KAT Nexus

KAT Nexus is a revolutionary multi-platform adaptation solution - a single bridge connecting KAT VR devices with the infinite metaverse of VR games on all major standalone systems - META Quest - PlayStation VR - PICO Neo - VIVE Port - and other yet to come! For maximum convenience, we've integrated years of work on a universal input integration algorithm into an easy to use, small and lightweight device. It links wirelessly to your headset through the router's WiFi so you could experience VR at its best even without a VR-ready PC! Unleash yourself in any VR adventures, connect fun with exercise, and much more with any of our solutions via the KAT Nexus!


Standalone Integration Of KAT VR Solutions

KAT Nexus enables compatibility between Standalone VR platforms and all KAT VR products operating in the KAT Gateway software environment - KAT Walk C 2(+) - KAT Walk C - KAT Loco - KAT Loco S


Universal Platform & Game Compatibility

Through our innovative universal input integration algorithm, the KAT Nexus is capable of universal compatibility with all Free-Locomotion games on multiple standalone VR platforms.