PuduBot 2

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Best-Selling Commercial Service Robot

PuduBot 2, the newly upgraded delivery robot from Pudu Robotics, inherits excellent features and functions of PuduBot. PuduBot 2 is committed to realizing intelligent deliveries in all scenarios, promoting the application of service robots and accelerating the overall robot development with higher performance, better extendability, adaptability and reliability.




Marker-less technology reducing 75% deployment time
Comfortable operation in high ceiling environment up to 30m

Dual Lidar

360° sensing, with environmental features in full view

Industry-leading Chassis System

Adapt to various road surfaces, 30% improvement in moving stability

Greater Adaptability of Different Scenarios

Support extra large scene mapping for up to 40,000㎡ Better mobility in semi-outdoor environment

Various Delivery Modes

Support four delivery modes and easy switching as required, deeply meet the delivery needs of different scenarios:

  1. Delivery Mode
  2. Birthday Mode
  3. Cruise Mode
  4. Dish Return Mode

Automatic Charging

IoT Compatibility

Support Type-C/4G/LoRa/Wi-Fi connection

Calling and Notification

Support Pudu Watch, Pudu Pager and Pudu Link, assign and manage tasks simply with one click

High Performance LFP Battery

Operates up to 24H on a 3 hour charge
6X longer battery lifetime
Enhanced safety and reliability


All-inclusive Platform, Endless Capabilities
Support third-party development, customization and expansion

Versatile Accessories


Product Overview

Machine Dimension 58*53.5*129 cm

(22.83*21.06*50.79 inches)

Robot Weight 39 kg (85.98 pounds)
Charging Time 3 H
Battery life 12h (None load)
Cruise Speed 0.5m/s~1.2m/s


Maximum Load 40 kg (88.18 pounds)
No. of Trays Default 3

Maximum 7

Path Clearance 80cm (31.50inches)
Tray Size 52*43.2 cm

(20.47*17.01 inches)

Charging Method Wire & Auto-charging