Schertler Charlie

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Schertler's CHARLIE is an exciting new compact electric amplifier that has been specifically developed for use with jazz guitar. The single channel, 280W amp is designed to enhance the delicate low-mid range of the instrument, which often features more prominently in a conventional jazz line-up.

When played though a standard guitar amp, those particular frequencies on the instrument can appear “muddy” with compressed harmonics. In contrast, CHARLIE is designed to offer maximum intelligibility in that range.

Equipped with a Class A preamp, an uncompromising speaker/power amp combination and traditional spring reverb, CHARLIE delivers a warm, clear sound that gives the jazz guitar its true voice in any ensemble.

"An amplifier without compromise. A unique sound: low frequency and medium low frequencies with a definition that I had never heard before. Every note is marked with a clarity and precision that gives the guitarist the pleasure of playing... and I love the unique design. Simply ... the amp I wanted! "