Schertler David X

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DAVID X represents the state of the art in Swiss amplifier design, reflecting all the needs of the user. Offering a significantly improved power amp and speaker section, together with a crossover filter network, limiter and gain, this amp provides 120W (112dB SPL) of bi-amplified analog power. DAVID X is equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 6” woofer. It is designed with an optimized 2-way bass reflex construction.

DAVID X is ideal of those seeking no-compromise acoustic instrument amplification. An effective system for practice and home studio use, DAVID X's size also make it the most portable and flexible SCHERTLER amplifier model. The three input can accept two instrument, or an instrument and a vocal microphone, plus a stereo playback device.

DAVID X is available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes.

SCHERTLER amps feature a high-end Class-A preamp with no integrated circuits and no negative feedback.