Frozen Food Vending Machine TCN-FMX-9C(V22)

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  • With a 22-inch LCD display, video and pictures in various formats can be played.
  • Adopt international MDB standard design, conform to the international standard of DEX, and can support various international standard peripherals.
  • Support notes, COINS, coin change function.
  • Microcomputer control system has intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault diagnosis and other management functions.
  • The powerful cloud service management platform can check the sales information and running status of each vending machine from the Internet anytime and anywhere.
  • Patented technology enables single cell doors to be self-locking.
  • The glass door adopts three layers of thick vacuum glass, which can prevent the fog function and guarantee the refrigeration.
  • No fluorine environmental protection refrigeration. Independent refrigeration module, the fault maintenance is convenient.
  • Leakage protection.
  • Standard grating delivery inspection system
  • Surround solid refrigeration and refrigeration uniform speed, super thick insulation layer, fast freezing preservation, energy saving and more economical.
  • It can sell frozen food, seafood, meat and other commodities


TCN Remote Management System

TCN Remote Management System is a cloud-based web manageability service that can be accessed from anywhere on any compatible devices including PC, smart phones, tablets and so on to remotely manage and monitor your clusters of vending machines in disperse locations.

With TCN remote management system service, the vending operators can manage their vending machine in more efficient and profitable manners, benefited from the comprehensive and easy-to-use features with real-time data, such as centralized inventory management, consolidated sales management and tracking, cash collection trace ability, stock replenishment management. All of these means less loss, less cost, more efficiency, and more profits.

OEM/ODM service can be provided.



Quantity 45
Type Spiral/conveyor
Capacity 270-500
Suitable for ice cream meat frozen food
Dimension H:1960mmW:1420mmD:982mm

21.5" Touch Screen

Voltage AC110V~120W/220V~240V50/60Hz
Power Refrigerated 1200wNormal 45W
Weight 450KGS
Temperature -18°C adjustable Optional Extra heating module
Payrment methods Bill,coin,Cashless payment
Support Credit/Debit Card: VISA Master Card AMEX | E-wallet: Alipay/Monyx/Apple pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay