VART 3 Players VR Simulator Kids VR Arcade VR Booth


What is Triple VR META WODERLAND Platform VR Booth?

VR META WODERLAND is one of cool looking game machine which is very popular for children and People. dynamic lighting,sci-fi full of feeling, eye-catching effects which is equipped with interactive shooting guns and traversed into various spaces to fight the enemy or some interactive sports games like table tennis,tennis,bowling shooting and so on.

The project can be used for 3 persons at the same time. High Income in per area,small footprint support.


Advantages of VR META WODERLAND Platform VR Booth

1. The small area is effective

2. Lastest VR Glasses, 360 degree double-sided rotating screen

3. All in one advanced design,safe power one button boot

4. Konb flexible gaming experience.

5. Come with promotional videos. First-class sound and light effects, absolutely attractive.

6. 3 people play game at the same time.High and fast return.

7. One click control panel ,support background audit .

8. Rotate the projection light effect,three players on one device