VART VR Gaming Arcade VR Booth

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What is VR Booth?

VR Booth is a highly secured and more flexible automatic machine. There are Arcade Game Machine, HTC VIVE COSMOS, handles, and various interactive game, all features that enhance the virtual reality arcade experience significantly. Besides, it support three models of payment: insert coin, swipe card, scan QR code.


Advantage of VR Booth

1. Multiple payment methods available: Insert coin, swipe card and scan QR code.

2. Anti-winding design: Use the stretchable wires connecting device, when players move, the wires of headset can be stretch at will. effectively avoid the wires got tangled and stumble the players.

3. Renewal Method: No need to take off the helmet to renew the fee, convenient to operate.

4. Disposal VR Glasses Cover for Hygiene: For sanitation, we designed a box to store disposable VR glasses cover.