VART Virtual Reality Simulator VR Dancing Machine

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What is VR Dancing Simulator?

VR Dancing Machine is a VR game machine that contains wonderful music. Amusement machine with luxurious appearance design, bright colors and never fade. The high-quality power amplifier system makes the whole machine high-quality. Nowadays, the virtual reality of indoor dance machine is a trend, it can help people lose weight, and people become active and excited.


Advantages of VR Dancing Simulator

1. Exclusive helmet lifting mechanism, timely storage of helmets, safety and anti-theft protection.

2. Unattended, remote monitoring and management system.

3. Rich game experience types, massive songs.

4. 42-inch high-definition LCD screen, user-friendly interface design, one-click on-demand operation.

5. 5.1 theater-level power amplifier system.

6. Color spotlights on the top, sonic lampposts on both sides, absolute eye catching.

7. Multiple payment methods available.