Manus OptiTrack Metagloves

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OptiTrack Gloves by Manus | for Motion Capture, Virtual Production and full-body Virtual Reality

The Manus OptiTrack Gloves provide a groundbreaking solution for integrating hand and finger data into your OptiTrack motion capture workflow. These innovative gloves enable users to directly incorporate Manus finger tracking technology into Motive 3.0 projects, capturing both body and finger movement data in a single, unified file. This seamless integration results in a more streamlined process, as natural hand and finger gestures are recorded during performance, substantially reducing the need for post-recording animation or keyframing. Designed for ease of use and adaptability, the OptiTrack Gloves by Manus enhance the overall quality of motion capture data, while minimizing the impact on your existing pipeline.

Equipped with a perpetual license for Manus Core, the OptiTrack Gloves by Manus offer an unparalleled user experience. Their straightforward calibration process requires just three simple gestures, ensuring an accurate fit for your hands while storing the calibration profile on the glove for use across multiple sessions. With additional features such as compatibility with various sizes, washable and replaceable gloves, and a charging station for stand-alone use, the OptiTrack Gloves by Manus are an invaluable addition to any motion capture project.



Motive in one click.

Direct integration into Motive 3

Add Quantum finger data directly into Motive 3 with the OptiTrack Metagloves. Empower your motion capture data with minimal impact on your existing pipeline. Stream highly accurate and detailed finger data into Motive 3 effortlessly. The finger data provided by the OptiTrack Metagloves will be combined together with the OptiTrack body data inside Motive 3.



Next level finger capture.

Millimiter accuracy

Add Quantum Tracking Technology into Motive 3 and its plugins with the OptiTrack Metagloves.

The OptiTrack Metagloves have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with OptiTrack Motive 3. Add millimeter accurate Quantum tracking to your setup with one click.


All new Quantum Tracking Technology

Our new tracking system empowers the OptiTrack system with expressive finger data. The Quantum sensors are free of drift and deliver highly accurate and reliable finger capture data.



MANUS Advanced Hand Solver

The MANUS Advanced Hand Solver takes the accurate finger tip position the MANUS Quantum Tracking sensors provide, and applies it to MANUS' research-based biomechanical hand model to accurately recreate a digital hand skeleton.

With the MANUS Core software, integrations and plugins you can now use state-of-the-art digital hands in your own pipeline without compromise.

The Advanced Hand Solver and biomechanical model are part of MANUS Core, and are build upon years of research and development.



Perfect integration.

OptiTrack Metagloves By MANUS

‍The OptiTrack Metagloves have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with Motive 3, the motion capture software used by industry professionals over the world. The gloves are immune to magnetic interference and come with 12 months of hardware warranty and lifetime support.

Motive in one click

With direct integration into Motive 3, the gloves quickly deliver real-time finger data into your existing pipeline. Breathe life into your motion capture by empowering your OptiTrack system with MANUS finger tracking. Stream the finger data together with the OptiTrack body data as a single source. Coming soon.

Pro Edition

Use OptiTrack metagloves by MANUS as a stand-alone solution, outside of Motive, with the Plus Edition. This package comes with an SMPTE timecoding cable and all the MANUS plugins, including the Motionbuilder, Unity, and Unreal Engine plugins.



Uninterrupted workflow.

Swappable batteries to stay charged

The Quantum Metagloves come with swappable batteries, to provide you with an uninterrupted workflow. The Quantum batteries can last 4 hours during continuous use on a full charge. Additionally, the Quantum Metagloves can be powered by an external power source through the USB Type-C port.

Charging station

Fully charge up to 6 batteries simultaneously in 1 hour. This charging station is also compatible with Prime X and Pro Tracker batteries, so you can charge your Metaglove and SteamVR Pro Tracker batteries at the same time.