Manus Quantum Precision XR

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Quantum Precision

The Quantum Precision XR provides high fidelity finger tracking by using drift free fingertip tracking sensors. With the focus on highly accurate and reliable finger capture data, there are no more limitations to your finger capture. Experience accuracy in VR like never before.

  • Ultimate Precision
  • No Drift
  • Accurate Scaling



Fingertip precision for VR Training.

Accurately interact with objects in virtual worlds to create immersive virtual training environments and experiences. The accurate Quantum Tracking technology combined with a realistic virtual environment will create experiences suited for highly accurate training simulations.


Detailed Interaction for Virtual Prototyping

Accurately interact with even the smallest parts and pieces of your virtual prototypes. With the accurate hand scaling of the MANUS Quantum Precision XR, human interaction validation is possible on a scale more accurate than ever before.



Natural movements captured effortlessly

Capture even the smallest details. The Quantum Tracking Technology allows you to capture even the most subtle nuances of human motion and bring them to life digitally. In this side-by-side comparison you can see how lifelike the unedited motion capture data from our Quantum Metagloves is. Download unedited sample data by clicking the button below the video and experience the next level of finger capture.