VART 3 Screen Racing Car Racing Game Simulator

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What is 3 Screen Racing Game Simulator?

The 3 Screen Racing Game Simulator is independently produced by VART VR, using international leading dynamic control technology and original flexion arm type 6-DOF dynamic platform is closely integrated with the game. The most popular 3-screen Racing Game Simulator in the arcade market! Your first choice!


Advantages of 3 Screen Racing Game Simulator

1. Analog steering wheel

Paddle shifter, console buttons and LED indicators. Comfortable leather.

2. Ultra dynamic body design

It looks like a super sports car. An eye-catching model that people like to play with.

3. 6DOF dynamic platform

The 6-DOF dynamic platform brings you the real racing experience including drifting.

4. Three-screen high-definition display

Not only provides a beautiful car vision, but also attracts more people to play.

5. Analog car pedal unit

The accelerator, brake and clutch pedal make you accelerate, and it feels like you are driving a real car.

6. Simulated car seat

Move back and forth to give you a comfortable driving experience.