VART VR Escape Room VR Shooting Game Virtual Reality Arcade Machine

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What is Multiplayer VR Shooting Simulator?

Multiplayer VR Shooting Simulator is based on HTC VIVE integrated operation scheme.It support multiplayer online interaction that players can hold the guns to shooting in the room without limited. It is a HTC VIVE shooting simulator which could tracking player's position, movement, direction. What are you doing, what it will move & feedback to the game.When players wear the 360 panoramic virtual reality glasses, he will completely immerse himself in virtual reality world, unlock the future of game world.


Advantages of Multiplayer VR Shooting Simulator

1. Exclusive custom content allows you to fight horror zombies.

2. Horror game sense, direct to the soul, stimulate shock.

3. Multiplayer online, Teaming up against invading foreign enemies.

4. Keep updating your game content, and make your device game play a single game.

5. Multiplayer interactive shooting games, more popular and attractive.




VART Most Popular Vr Escape Room VR Shooting Game Virtual Reality Arcade Machine. It supports 4 persons play at the same time. You can hold a gun to fight with your friends. Battling in this team shooting game, you will become a super-soldier and strive to defeat the enemy.




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