VART Virtual Reality Simulator VR Horse Riding

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What is VR Horse Riding?

VR horse riding is the newest design simulator VR equipment for horse riding. The whole set of equipment includes one HTC VIVE VR headset, a smart handles and a deluxe horse chair as well as a deluxe 43 inch screen cabinet.

You are going to experience fighting with enemies while riding on the horse, bringing you different war scene than ever.


Advantage of VR horse riding

1. 43 inch Screen will synchronize with the gaming video.

2. HTC VIVE headset with space orientation technology.

3. Easy to operate: Support button to choose, start, stop the game and refer gaming instruction.

4. Small space, size at L1.70*W1.25*H2.30m, only 3 square meter requirement in space.

5. Massive gaming theme including war, cartoon and fiction.

6. Active speaker, surrounding sound audio.