Schertler is a Swiss audio equipment company founded in 1986 by Stephan Schertler, a double bassist. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing analog audio equipment for acoustic instruments, including mixers, contact microphones, amplifiers, and PA systems. Initially, Schertler focused on producing microphones for double basses, but they later expanded their product line to cater to other instruments as well.

Over the years, Schertler has been at the forefront of innovation in the acoustic instrument market. They have developed new technologies, obtained patents, and released high-end preamps, establishing themselves as a leading player in the industry. Their amplification solutions for various acoustic instruments have garnered acclaim and popularity among musicians.

One of Schertler’s significant innovations is the STAT Series of contact microphones, which have received recognition for their high-quality sound reproduction. They take pride in their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and focus on meeting the needs of musicians who require reliable and authentic sound amplification for their acoustic instruments.

Schertler’s product range includes a diverse selection of instrument combo amplifiers and sound-reinforcement systems. They offer options like the Jam and David acoustic-instrument combo amplifiers, both known for their accurate and clean sound. The Jam series features an additional third channel for microphone input and a larger woofer, enhancing its bass capabilities. The amplifiers come with versatile controls, EQ, notch filters, and reverb, making them suitable for small gigs, instrument monitoring, and practical use.

Furthermore, Schertler has collaborated with Hemargroup to ensure the best electronic components and services for their high-quality acoustic amplifiers and small PA systems. They have moved their production to Mendrisio, making their product line “100% Swiss Made,” further reinforcing their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


Manufactured in: Switzerland